Why You Should Become a TA Today (or next semester)

While taking a course, it may feel impossible that you could ever muster sufficientknowledge in that class to get to the level of teaching the subject, however, becoming a TA is as much about continuing your learning experience in a class/subject as it is teaching new students. For the sake of an example, General ChemistryContinue reading “Why You Should Become a TA Today (or next semester)”

The Value of Summer/Winter Internships

Whether your eventual career plans see you going on an academic route, an industry route, or somewhat altogether different, one of the most powerful tools we have to explore what we’re most suitable to is summer internships. While many of us do research in labs or volunteer in areas of niche interest during the academicContinue reading “The Value of Summer/Winter Internships”

Self Care

During this time of the year, it seems like everybody is more stressed out and irritable as we enter the never-ending prelims-semifinals-finals season. Even though spending every waking minute on studying, jobs, etc., might seem appealing for the academic and financial benefits, it can actually hurt your health in the long run. As college students, we sometimes don’tContinue reading “Self Care”

Getting to Know Grad Students

Today I’d like to share some ideas that may seem less immediate than the mechanics of course enrollment and schedule planning, but have been a crucial part of my experience as a chemistry student at Cornell. I believe that one of the most informative resources in navigating the chemistry major does not come in theContinue reading “Getting to Know Grad Students”